Monday, August 22, 2011

Joi De Vivre...

I should, by now, have a whole barrel full of photos to choose from and well really, I guess I do. I've had a lot going on lately.
 A couple of months ago I was asked if I'd be interested in taking some photos at one of the Fair's concerts..."we can't pay you parking, free admission, free rides for you and your family and backstage access." I couldn't really turn that down could I? By the time the fair got here ( that's the Ozark Empire Fair just so you know...) I was the official Fair Photographer for all events and any other goings on that I felt photo worthy.
 It was awesome and I'll definitely get some shots up from that but not today. I'm sorry, I don't mean to lead up to a letdown but that particular story doesn't go too well with the photo I chose so it will just have to wait. This photo grabbed me and I chose it to be the honored guest at tonight's post and since it really has nothing to do with the fair's bright lights, fast rides and the constant roar of crowd noise it can wait. But the fact that the fair story just kind of popped out before I started thinking is probably a good sign for my brain to fingers process. Maybe not such a good sign for my brain to sight process. ('ll have to figure that one out for yourself)
 What I'm really doing here, I think, is testing the waters to see if I can write something that might get (and keep) your interest for a few minutes. For whatever reason the writing process has eluded me these last two or three months. I know that I could just post a photo but that's not what I want to do here and one way or another I'll get past this tree in the road. ( actually you can insert whatever roadblock you choose that might work better for you to envision my struggle ). At any rate, I'm recovering from abdominal surgery right now and I'll be off work for a few days so hopefully I can grab ahold a little of that joi de vivre that one needs to effortlessly put forth the words that create a picture show in the minds of their readers. (How'd that sound to you?) By the way, that's a hummingbird moth in the photo. Aptly named for their resemblance to a hummingbird at first glance. And oh yeah, I do know what joi de vivre means.