Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Bit of Non Conformity...

Those of you (us) that are old enough and those of you that just like to go old school once in a while and catch a 60s or probably even a 70s movie might recognize this place. It's the place where the hero (usually a long haired type that just can't seem to conform to authority in whatever manner the movie finds necessary to make it attractive to the younger audience that it's aimed at) and the beautiful girl (probably a flower child or at least one in the making) finally become well, acquainted.
 Now, I've seen my fair share of such movies... now wait a minute, before you go jumping to conclusions I'm talking about epic films like Easy Rider, Macon County Line, The Getaway (Steve McQueen wasn't really a longhair but he was definitely a non conformist ) and Bonnie and Clyde ( non conformists? really?!). I knew when I decided what this post would be about that I had to be careful what I said! Most of these movies at this point would fade out into glittering sunlight until it was nothing but a blur of pixels and we'd be left with an awesome soundtrack by someone like the Allman Brothers, Ten Years After or maybe if it was a real hippie movie, Jimi Hendrix.
 These were my teen years and I guess that these movies had a bit of a hand in how I looked at life, at least for a period of time. They most assuredly had a hand in shaping my musical tastes, probably the length of my hair, maybe the clothes that I wore, I suppose a little of how I liked to drive and I guess, well I don't know maybe, yeah probably, probably even a little bit of non conformity. I don't know...what ever! 

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