Sunday, November 15, 2009

Those Were the Days...

You might remember a few posts back that I said that I was looking forward to going back to Compton Hollow in the fall. I didn't quite make my goal of checking out the fall foliage but I made it back none the less.
All of that aside- I decided to check out the watering holes and try to locate a couple more than I had already seen. Well my friends, this is the watering hole that I've been looking for. (figuratively speaking of course) I don't know- something about this pond just engulfed me. When I came over the ridge at the edge of the pond in the middle of the woods and saw this sight it just seemed to take me somewhere else. I thought about places and times that I hadn't thought about in years as I sat on the edge of the pond. The spot you can see to the far left of the picture is where I daydreamed for some time before finally deciding to pull myself away.
I could get really philosophic here but I won't. I could continue to get sentimental - but I won't. Maybe it wouldn't have affected you as it did me. I somehow think that it would have...

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