Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lake Drummond

This is Lake Drummond in Close Memorial Park on Springfield's south(west) side. We awoke to a
heavy fog the other morning so I decided to try and get some shots of the lake (I call it a pond...)with the fog hanging over it. Unfortunately by the time I got around and made my way across town the fog had lifted. The weatherman said that there would be a heavy fog advisory until mid morning! I'm really ill prepared some days to be an actual nature photographer but it was a nice walk in the park. The frigid temperatures that had enveloped the nation were finally rising (which, in turn, brought on the fog) and people were coming out of their cubby holes.
Not to worry though, it was foggy again this morning and I hopped straight out of bed to wander through the back roads in search of "the shot".
I'll share them another time.

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