Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Makin' a Fog Run

Here's a spot I stumbled across when I made my last "fog run"- I believe that I mentioned it last week. Anyway I'm not sure that I could get back to this place without a little searching. I was on Hwy. 13 trying to go fast enough that the traffic would not barrel down upon me and slow enough to spot any possible shots. The fog was thick- so thick that I decided that it wasn't really safe to be going 50-60 mph like everyone else seemed to think it was so at first chance I peeled off of the highway onto a side farm road. Fortunately this pond caught my eye fairly soon after my exit from 13 and I was able to pull far enough off the road that I wasn't too worried about any traffic coming over the hill. It's a cool place to be sure. I think that there's a house on the other side of the pond which makes me a little envious to say the least. I'm sure that I'll find it again when the weather changes maybe in the spring but who knows- it's supposed to snow again tomorrow...

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