Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Here!

Yes it is, it's here! It's time to start getting my hiking fix once again. I am definitely ready to start getting back out in the woods and seeing what there is to see. I know that the winter time has it's share of awesomeness in the woods and I guess that I got a pretty fair share of winter hiking in but man there's just something about the woods in the spring and summer months. Getting out in it and and being one with nature is a heck of a lot easier when the temperature is comfortable.
This photo is exactly what I'm talking about. Having the time and patience to see all there is to see. Some days I think that I could find me a spot and stay there all day and never get tired of the things I see. Hopefully I'll be blessed with enough spare time this summer to get out in it and find as many new sights as I can snap a shutter at!

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