Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Privacy Fence

Recently we and our neighbors decided that the short section of old privacy fence between our properties had to come down. It wasn't very stable and it didn't even run the length of the property. They have a little girl and that fence was really just an accident waiting to happen. So reluctantly, I helped. I say reluctantly because along with the fence we had to take out the shrubs and vines that had intertwined themselves between the privacy fence and the wire fence that had been installed years ago -probably before the privacy fence. ( I wonder if there's a story there...)
Anyway, these vines and shrubs provided an abundance of greenery that, along with the weathered wood backdrop made for some nice photos and the occasional portrait setting.
Well it's gone now. So be it. I guess that the good thing is, is that we have good neighbors like them and we don't need a barrier between us.
And you know, some days it even seems a little sunnier than it used to...

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  1. Jeff,
    I hope you kept a part of the fence. A weathered wood fence makes for a great background, even if it is a few feet by a few feet! I too, have been doing some yard work. I had to cut down a LARGE tree. It took out a part of the fence, thankfully not the shed! Great picture.