Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Give It a Minute...

Recently I visited the Bois D'Arc Conservation Area. The trails there aren't as intertwined with the landscape as most. What I mean by that is the trails are wide enough to drive a truck through- a big truck. Great for a walk, but not neccessarily being "one" with nature. I enjoy being in the midst of the woods or fields - as I said before, not knowing what's around the bend.
As I sat pondering whether to go off the trail and into the woods this guy fluttered in and sat next to me on this musk thistle. I must have watched him for several minutes because by the time he flew off he had quite a dusting of pollen. I guess this story really isn't going anywhere other than to say that nature is all around us. If you don't think so just give it a minute- it'll come to you.


  1. Great capature. I like the DOF. Often I see a half of the butterfly out of focus because the wrong aperture was used. This has to be one of the best insect pictures I have seen this year. I hope you will print this one and hang it.

  2. Thanks David! I appreciate your comments- that's a great compliment coming from a fellow photographer.