Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plea For Help!

OK well, I had intended to write something at least a little entertaining but wanting to acknowledge the subject of my photo I took a side journey into the internet trying to identify these purplish flowers. I'm sure that I should know what they are
but, for the life of me,I couldn't find them anywhere in the very short list of Missouri wildflower "handbooks" that was made available to me.
So this is an open invitation (more like a plea for help!) for anyone with knowledge of a good web site about Missouri wildflowers to to let me know about it.
I have, as I'm sure you realize, an abundance of wildflower photos and in order to sound a little like I know what I'm talking about I've got to be able to identify these beautys. My email address is in my complete profile at the right. Thanks in advance-Jeff

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