Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Some time back around May of 2009 I posted a picture of this guy. The more that I looked at the photos I took of him the more I wondered about his story. I mean, just look at him-he looks like he's been there and back. Just an adventure waiting to happen. I thought that he really seemed to fit in a different generation so I figured that I could enhance that image a little and maybe take him back to another place and time. Somewhere that he seemed to be a little more comfortable in.
But really, I don't know him at all except for a couple of minutes of conversation and a few quick shots (camera shots that is). I hope that I'm not doing him any injustices when I say that at the first moment I saw him I thought that he could easily have the original Fonzarelli - or at least taught him the ways of cool!

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