Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still Jammin'...

When I was just a kid (and I mean a kid) I used to lug my older brother's bass guitar, or whatever piece of equipment he felt that he could trust me not to drag, to band practice with him a few blocks from our house- that is, before he had a car. I guess he was around 14 or 15 when he started playing music. You know G-L-O-R-I-A - Gloria,
The Midnight Hour, Magic Carpet Ride all that. Yeah, he's that old. But I know you can guess that I'm not that far behind him or I wouldn't be remembering those songs. As I got older I did a little sound and lighting work and eventually got the bug myself and started playing in bands. There is absolutely nothing like it! I'm not sure that I could explain even if I wanted to because, like they say- if you don't know you wouldn't understand.
Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my life my path strayed from the rock star destiny I was so sure that was to come and I've not made it back-yet. Maybe someday- maybe not. I can't say for now but I do love my music and I don't go a day without grooving on something that just seems to fit the day (or the minute!). Music -it's in my blood. Always has been and always will be...
By the way, that's my brother David in the middle with the glasses-still jammin' after all these years.

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