Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ladieeeees and Gentlemen !

The Shrine Circus came to town the other night and although Brendon thought that he was too old to like it -he's almost eleven! - we all had a good time. It's been a few years since we last went so I didn't really remember what to expect. I would guess that in the "big cities" the circuses are well, bigger. But this circus had just about everything you could want under the big top. There were clowns of course. There were tigers jumping through flaming hoops. There were performing elephants and there were, among a variety of acts that took place high above the circus floor, these ladies. Situated at intervals around the perimeter each lady did a variety of twists, turns and "falls" each at her own pace so that you had to constantly look from one to the other in order to take it all in.
When the last act had finished and we waited for the crowd to thin I thought about how cool it was to be at the circus. I felt a little different than when I first walked in but yet I knew that I'd had this feeling before. I think, yeah I think I felt... almost eleven!


  1. I'm a circus fan from way back. nice shot.

  2. Magnificent, a great emotion, a wonderful shot!