Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Possums (Or Opossums)

OK, this isn't exactly what it seems. I could tell you some story about stumbling across this 'possum (or opossum if you prefer) in the woods one day while on yet another great hike but I won't. I like to be honest with my stories, that way when something really unbelievable does happen you'll believe me.
This was the second 'possum that I managed to trap out behind my shed. The thing is, my shed is 20ft. by 30 ft. and in the process of becoming my man cave. In addition to the two 'possums there's also an armadillo and at least one groundhog that have decided to make their homes under the future man cave! Besides the damage that the armadillo and the groundhog do to the foundation and the yard in general I just can't have them as tenants- I want them gone. So being the humane type of person that I am, I decided to trap them. Actually the 'possums weren't really doing any damage that I know of (other than driving the dog crazy at bathroom time) but they needed to go so I could get to the armadillo and groundhog.
I'm hoping to see the armadillo in the trap in the morning so I can move forward to getting that dang groundhog! We'll see. By the way, the 'possums were released in the woods at the same spot so hopefully they can reunite and make a new home together and have hundreds of little 'possum (or opossum) babies!