Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One By One...

These days of 90 plus degrees I just felt that a nice cool pool of water would be appropriate to maybe cool down the senses a little. Kind of makes me reminiscent of the hot lazy summer days when I was a kid and all we really had to do was go down to the creek and splash around for a while. The thing is - that creek wasn't out in the country, it ran through town. Our part of the creek actually ran just outside the city limits but still it journeyed a ways through the neighborhoods and even past a few businesses.
My point is that now, I probably wouldn't wade in that creek much less play in it. That's if there's even enough of it left to get the bottoms of my shoes wet. I suppose that that's just a side effect of progress. Well that's progress I can do without. Little by little I catch myself thinking back to the secret places we had as kids and wondering if they're even still there, much less a place that I'd like to revisit. I'm thinking probably not.
If we're not careful, one by one these places that we've all held near and dear to our hearts will be gone...


  1. Jeff you have been posting some great stuff. I want to jump in and cool off with this one. Keep up mthe good work.

  2. just love this.... so peaceful.