Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll Get The Shot...

I took this picture one morning at Drummond Lake. I actually went there to see if I could get a good picture of this Great Blue Heron. As far as I know he (she?) is the only one there which I find hard to believe because I found that they normally nest in large colonies of up to several hundred pairs. I can only assume that they tend to venture out alone to do their hunting because in several visits to Drummond Lake I've only seen one - possibly not the same one but probably so. At any rate getting this one's picture was an exercise in, well, exercising! It didn't take long to spot it and apparently it spotted me. Just as I was focusing in it took flight- all the way to the other end of the lake. I kept it in my sight as I made my way to the other end. As soon as I got close I slowed my pace as not to spook it again. This time the heron's head was down so I eased closer - you know what's coming here- just as I again lifted my camera and started to focus off it flew- all the way to the other end. This went on more times than I really want to talk about.
I followed it back one last time only because it was on the way out. Like I said, I got a couple of pictures but not near the close up I envisioned on my way to the lake. I did get a few shots from a distance and my stay was a little longer than you can tell from this post but all in all it was not a very fruitful day. Some day I'll bring my lunch and find a nice place to sit and wait and wait and probably wait some more but I'll get the shot I want- I will!

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