Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Good Sign

Well today is the last day of February and in my way of seeing things, spring is just around the corner. March, being the month of spring, is the first step towards warmer months. I say this in part as some sort of encouragement to my friends on the east coast- we all know that they've seen more than their fair share of snow and harsh conditions.
When summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter everything is cool - for awhile. It must be the temperatures that tend to slow me down, I guess. I don't know but by January I'm just plain tired of it.
Anyway this Crocus popped up the other day and just the mere sight of it seemed to give me hope that the trees will start budding and the flowers will all start blooming any day now. ( I know that it's still winter and even in spring it gets cold and can snow plenty but work with me here.) It is a sign though and a good sign at that.


  1. Thank you so much! So often it's the little things that catch our eye.

  2. Good sign indeed. YOu captured a very symbolic photo! Well done