Sunday, May 16, 2010

But On The Other Hand...

As I posted below sometimes after sitting and becoming immersed in my surroundings the colors all seem to fade. I can't say what the difference might be but on some occasions the complete opposite happens and the colors just seem to get brighter and brighter!
These leaves, for example, were from some unknown ground cover that I've waded through on countless hikes never really paying much attention to it. On this day, however, I happened to notice it . The more I looked at it, the green just seemed to get greener and greener. The sunlight shining off of the leaves made the furrows of each leaf deeper and deeper. But the most interesting part I think, was the blackness underneath it all - that unknown region of life that lived there.
For those that can let your mind wander once in a while, the woods and I guess the just the outdoors in general is a great place for travel without ever leaving your seat!

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