Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colors, Lines, Curves and Chrome!

One of the things that I look forward to in the spring and summer are the car shows- especially the ones that are a part of a bigger celebration. You know, the ones with lots of food and preferably live music.
Now I'm no gear head (and I use the term with the utmost respect for those of you that are) but I do enjoy just looking at the cars. The colors, the lines, the curves and the chrome all capture my attention as I cruise the parking lot admiring the endless hours of work that I know goes into each and every one. Even though I do have some appreciation for the the horsepower it's more the look on the owner's face as he or she explains how many coats of paint the final masterpiece took or the stitching in the upholstery or any number of personalized extras that make it as unique as any fine automobile could be!
These people are true artists in their field and art in whatever shape or form is what I'm all about.

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  1. Those are some sexy curves! Love this shot. I will have to get to a car shows for pictures of curves, lines and color myself. What a great idea, we have a local restaurant here that host several shows durning the summer. Thanks Jeff, for the idea!