Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Refocused...

I can't begin to tell you how busy this summer has been -as I've said countless times before. I'm not looking for pity here it's just that it does seem to be an effective lead-in for some posts. And what I'm leading to here is the fact that I've had little chance to go hiking this summer so I haven't been able to savor the great outdoors as much as I'd like, much less get many good photos from the trail.
My lack of spare time has been a sort of mixed blessing, so to speak. We were notified last spring that our company at which I've been employed for the last 12 years will cease operations at this facility and I'll soon join the ranks of the unemployed. The blessing part is that we have been able to get a lot of hours in for the last 5 months -the mixed part is that I haven't been able to enjoy my favorite past time as much as I'd like.
I'm a firm believer that God puts us where we need to be and I think that if I had more time and space I could back that up with more than one instance from the last 12 years. So we'll just see where he needs me next.
Meanwhile, I don't plan on being unemployed for long ( I have a fall back plan if I have to) but hopefully I can save a spot or two during my time off for some long needed nature communing where I can get "focused" again. Get it? Focused...

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