Sunday, September 26, 2010

Greener Pastures...

There was a very nice full moon the other night and the field behind the house ( sounds like a scary movie doesn't it?- The Field Behind the House...) anyway, the field was all lit up and the layer of fog had just settled over it. I suppose that that could be sort of scary but to me it was beautiful. I felt like a cat or some other nocturnal animal staring out over the moonlit pasture watching carefully for any kind of movement.
Whenever I take night photos of the field I always get this glow from the city lights. So according to the moon's light I get varying degrees of color in the night sky but it always seems to work well with the scenery. Although, I would prefer a nice dark blue, starry, moonlit sky.
I'm worried that someday this field will be little more than subdivision plots with the glow of streetlights and kitchen windows that never changes no matter how bright the moon is. That, I think, will be the day that the Farabee household packs up and moves to greener pastures- literally...

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  1. Jeff it could be worse! How you say? Try a Wal-mart store!