Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jeff didn't post last night. He's been too busy. That's not an excuse, just the truth of the matter. I decided (his wife) to post this to/for him. Brendon is playing his last year of Mighty Mites football. Jeff has assumed the role of head coach instead of just assisting, so we're even busier than usual. In the fall, we get so busy with games and practice. Then we try to fit in watching all the Chief's games and actually making it to a couple home games each season. It seems like a whirlwind time for us every year. This picture is one Jeff took of him and Brendon. Arrowhead used to have an annual open practice so fans could go and be part of the fun. The guys in Jeff's family would make it a big event with tailgating, parking lot games, autographs, etc. They looked forward to it each year. Brendon was so proud just to be there and be a part of it all. He loved it as much as being at a real game. I guess I say all this to let you see a little of what kind of guy Jeff is. He believes in keeping the traditions alive. I never knew Jeff's dad. I only know stories. If there is anything I've learned that he wanted to pass down to his sons, it was the love of family and football.....

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