Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Say Tomato...

We don't really have the time to plant any kind of real garden but we do manage to get out some tomatoes each year. This year we planted Romas and boy have they been deeelicious! We did get them out a little late so some, like these, have had to ripen on the back porch. This batch not only got the appropriate sunlight but the rain storms that passed through washed them down and gave them that "take me now" look!
I'm of Scotch-Irish descent but when I was a kid my grandpa used to always tell me that there must be some Italian blood in me somewhere (he always pronounced it I-talian) because of my love for pasta - especially pasta with tomato sauce. "If it ain't the spaghetti kid," he'd say and I know that I'd puff out my little chest, proud as I could be with my title. Well, these days I have to fight back the urge to see just how much spaghetti my belly will hold (I'm sure that it would be way more than it should) and some of these tomatoes even went on a couple of very tasty salads. But for the most part, when you say tomato, I say...spaghetti sauce!
By the way, sorry for missing my mid-week post all together this last week but the aforementioned rain storms came with some pretty heavy lightening so for two nights in a row the computer was off. I've posted a two-fer tonight and I hope that, if nothing else, these photos will make you plan your next meal to include something tomato-y...

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