Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ol' What's His Name

 Once again I'm at a loss. I've got a great site for bird identification - The Cornell Lab of Ornithology; All About Birds. For those of you that are interested you can find it at :   Just in the browse for name and/or shape section there are over 400 different bird pictures! 
  I'm pretty sure that I've scanned every picture therein in hopes of identifying this particular bird. But nooo. I haven't been able to even come close as far as I can tell. I know that I should know what it is. I've seen several around. As far as I know, it's probably one of those that is so common that the site doesn't bother identifying it. Surely you know what that is! Everyone knows what kind of bird that is! I mean, come on...
 But I don't. I can't find it at all. So I guess we'll just skip the formalities and move on. This particular "bird" here made him/herself known to us last Sunday evening when it decided to try and fly through the window not once, not twice but over and over and over again. Now I understand the "clean window" thing but what makes a bird fly repeatedly into an obstacle that it obviously cannot pass -whether it can see it or not? This photo was taken as it was resting in between kamikaze attacks. Maybe it was planning a new strategy, I'm sure I don't know. But apparently, if it was, it decided against whatever new approach it might have come up with because the bombardment repeated continuously until dark.
 Maybe, even in the bird kingdom there are a few crazies out there. Maybe once in a while a bird has had all it can take for one day. And I suppose that maybe there are some things that are just enough to make a bird cuckoo...

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  1. Come to find out, it's a Mockingbird. Huh! I would have thought that it wouldn't have been that hard to find.