Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Way or Another...

 I happened to be watching TV the other day when I came across Roger Ebert on one of the channels. Roger Ebert, as many of you might know, is one of the most (if not the most) powerful film critics ever. He's also a screenwriter and an author of over 15 books - the latter of which I did not know. He was apparently talking about his career as a writer when he made the statement that inspiration does not come to you before you begin to write. It comes to you during your writing. In other words, you just have to jump in and get started and let it come to you.
 This is interesting to me in the fact that many a time I've sat at this computer and tried to put something of interest down to accompany my photo only to sit and sit and sit waiting for the right words to pop out of my fingertips through the keyboard and onto the screen.
 I like to write. Actually, I always have it's just that it kind of got pushed aside for a lot of years - that is until I started this blog. Don't get me wrong, my real passion is for photography. I don't know what I'd do without it. But the writing is starting to push it's way through and I'm liking it.
 Recently my friend, Larry Whitely gave my blog a look. Larry as a matter of fact, is a writer himself. He writes a column that's published in over 3,000 newspapers, he has a syndicated radio show and he also writes for six other magazines and web sites here in Missouri! Not to mention that he's one heck of a nice guy! I guess the reason that I'm telling you all of this is just to say that Larry sent me an email that was so flattering and was so encouraging that I've kept it and I often go to it and read it for inspiration. I'm currently looking into a few publications to submit my work. What the heck, huh? Maybe that's my niche, maybe not. But I'm going to give it a try. I do believe that the good Lord has given me this option in life and intend to do my best to give it all that I've got in return. One way or another, it'll come...

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