Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now That's Magic...

 I really wanted to just jot down a few words tonight. I knew I couldn't skip it again this week but I've had a little trouble lately finding the words to write. I went and finished (yes, I said finished ) my Christmas shopping tonight and I'm sure that it was past midnight by the time I got to sleep last night so I momentarily gave the idea a thought.
 But then I thought about Christmas being just around the corner and what an opportunity it would be to write something profound about world peace or helping the needy or volunteering our time or just plain ole being good to each other.
And I guess all of that is good to get up on our soapbox about but as we all know it's not supposed to take it being Christmastime to be good to each other. We're supposed to always be that way. "Love one another..." that's how it goes, isn't it? It was never supposed to be that hard to do.
 I suppose though that I am thankful to those that at least use this time of year as an excuse to shed that rough exterior that they carry around all year long, if only for a few days, and show the world some compassion.
 So now that I have spread the message of love thy neighbor- however inadvertently it came about- I just wanted to show you Kierra. When you hear about the magic of Christmas I'm sure that it conjures up all sorts of images but this photo of  Kierra seemed to sum it up pretty well for me. There is nothing more special than a child and there is nothing more wonder filled than a child's mind. We're very blessed in that Brenda has been able to help raise several children through her baby sitting and I'm very blessed to be able to get the chance to play with them all and watch their faces when they've discovered something new and even lend an ear once in a while when one of the babies actually tries to explain it to me. I've often thought that if I were to suddenly go deaf I think that the last thing I would want to hear would be a child's laughter. Now that's magic...

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