Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Spirit...

 Well we made it! We made it through the all the wrapping paper, the endless bowls of candies, breads, cakes and pies, the Christmas dinner(s) and the family get togethers. Oh I know, the season's not over yet and I'm not saying that I want it to be. New Years' is just next week but to be honest with you, that hasn't held a lot of excitement for me in quite some time. When I do stay up until midnight or later it's either at this computer or lying in bed trying to sleep but not yet getting there. So anyway, the rush of Christmastime is over. I'll be taking the Christmas CDs out of the car and putting them back in their spot until next year. Probably some time this week the tree will come down and if I have time, the outdoor lights will be taken down and rolled up as best as I can ( I'm not even going to discuss how that usually turns out...).
 It's funny how Christmas starts to take a hold of us and day by day we start getting into the "Christmas spirit". Slowly all of the gift buying, the candy making and decorations that adorn our houses builds to a crescendo until the day comes and it's here! And then with just the tick of a few very short hours it's over. But you know as well as I do that it doesn't need to be over and really, it shouldn't ever be over. Look at old Scrooge and even the Grinch. They learned to live like Christmas was everyday so surely we could too. I tend to think that as each year passes I've been able to take a little Christmas spirit and tuck it away to be used at my discretion at any given time and place, each year adding to that which I've stored from the years before. I can only hope that the people that know me(and maybe even more so, people that don't know me) have been able to see that in me.
  At any rate, the new year is coming and that means that another year has passed. They sure do seem to fly by any more. One of these days I'll tell you my theory on that...

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