Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"If You Don't Have Anything Good To Say..."

 I guess that I'm in a post holiday funk. I seem to find it harder and harder to write about something and it takes forever to decide on a photo to post. I think that it happens to a lot of us. You know, the big let down after all of the hoopla of the season. The festive holiday season is over and now it's just winter. Cold and blustery and...cold. I don't know, it hasn't really been a problem before but for some reason this year it is. As usual there's one hundred and one things going on in my life and most everything needs attention now and what can't be reckoned with now needs a lot of thought. I need a good hike to clear my mind or at least to give me some space to let it all run it's course and get equal attention so as to maybe get everything lined out. All my ducks in a row, so to speak.
 Well I promise not to let this blog become dark with my complaining so for the near future if I don't have much text to go with the photo ( oh, there will always be the photos! ) then just know that I just don't have much to say. I know that it will all come back around. Actually it's pretty hard some nights to come home from work, have dinner, help with the dishes, try to get some quality family time in and then sit at this computer and and hope to have something entertaining to talk about in addition to what I might think is a quality photo and still get to bed at a decent hour. See, there I go already. So as I'm sure most of our mothers have told us throughout our lives... "if you don't have anything good to say..." well, you know the rest.

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  1. This one is very interesting I love all the ice and all the different vines going this way and that way.. it looks like a rose bush.. Very pretty, I have been making my self go out to get some winter captures. I look out and see just white gray and black, and then I go to other site and other photographers have so much color in there winter photos, It inspires me.. I can do better.... :) Have a great night.!