Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Then All At Once...

 Well, I feel like I missed out on a lot of photo opportunities with this last snowfall ( I guess snowfall is putting it lightly ). Anyway, I just didn't get the chances I would have liked to to go out and get in the woods. I would have to say though that even if I wasn't working fourteen hour days I probably couldn't have gotten in and out of the places that I would have liked to go. And if I even wanted to give it a try I really couldn't have because our four wheel drive vehicle is in the shop getting new head gaskets, strut mounts and brake booster. I'm also getting a  water pump and a tune up just because. Thank goodness for tax refunds.
  All of that aside the snow has gone and the temps are soaring near seventy degrees! I'm sure that this will be short lived and everything will be back to winter soon enough. Some time back I started noticing how fast the years were passing. It seemed that winters dragged and summers flew by and then all at once another year had gone. But in the last two or three years it seems like even the winters are flying by. Now, I won't complain about that but I'm pretty sure too that it won't mean that the summers will slow down and last forever. I tend to lean towards a personal heaven for those of us that are blessed enough to go and maybe that's what my heaven will be like - orange sunsets with warm breezes blowing fields of waste high grasses and the sound of cicadas, tree frogs and the occasional night bird singing out it's last song for the day- only to be followed by orange sunrises with warm breezes blowing tree blooms spreading their fragrances across the land and the songs of a hundred song birds singing good morning - day after day after day...


  1. Nice Image and it also sounds like you drive a Jeep Cherokee?

  2. Thanks for the compliments you guys. No, not a Jeep but a Mazda Tribute. For the most part I've been pretty impressed with it.