Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 The fence around our back yard actually consists of four different types of fencing that were there long before us. There's the chain link that faces the front of the property (you know-proper appearances), the wire fence on the west side (this might be called high tensile fence, I'm not sure), old wire fence on the east side (again, high tensile?- I don't know) and the ever popular barbed wire fence in the back.
 Now, I don't really get the barbed wire in the back. That's where the field is. There are no cattle or horses there, no open trails (it's not that big) nor is it close enough to any thoroughfares where any stray pedestrian might want to cross over into our yard. But what is there is 'possums, armadillos, the occasional cat and last but certainly not least - skunks! Barbed wire will not keep any of these out, nor has it.
 The other problem with that back fence, is that it not only doesn't keep critters out but it doesn't keep one particular critter in- our dog Tabasco. Tabasco is a chihuahua and he doesn't require a very large space to start with so even two barbed wire fences is not enough to hold him in when he's ready to go around to visit his true love Piper. Piper, by the way, is a Great Pyrenees/Bull Mastiff mix so he comes up to about her ankle. Just thought you might like that visual.
 To put a stop to Tabasco's escapades I finally decided to put chicken wire all along the bottom edge of the back fence and that has seemed to stop him. Piper's owners have had to add an electric fence to put a stop to Piper after she discovered that being almost six foot tall when standing on her hind legs she could easily make it over the fence.
 It's a sad sight these days. Tabasco sits at the edge of the fence and watches Piper's every move as he always has only now he knows that that's as close as he's going to get. Piper keeps her distance, having learned her lesson the hard way. I think that maybe I'll throw Tabasco over the fence once in a while just to see if  he'll get tired of that giant paw swatting at him or being wallowed around by Piper's great big ol' slobbering mouth.
 But you know what? I seriously doubt that he will...

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