Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Good Sittin' Spot

 This photo isn't exactly a great photo. It could use a little more color probably. The trees could definitely stand some leaves on them and maybe the grass could be a little greener to be well, a little more pleasing to the eye.
 But what makes this a photo something I wanted to show you is the fact that I spent some time there yesterday afternoon - just sittin'. I wanted to hopefully share a little of me because places like this are what makes my life a little bit easier. Somewhere that I can just sit and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind breezing through the trees with the sun's warmth spreading over me like an invisible blanket. I value my alone time. Probably because it gives me a chance to clear my head and some time to just have a nice casual conversation with God. You know, maybe to tell Him how cool this spot is and how thankful I am for the warm Saturday afternoon that gave me cause to go out and find this spot in a season where warm afternoons are rare. Actually I've been near here more than once and possibly even took it in from another angle but this day I saw it in an all together different light and it called out to me. Most likely because I needed it to call out to me. It called to me before I even saw it but I knew it was there and I knew just how to get to it.
 It's going to be one of my favorite sittin' spots I'm sure. And if I get caught up and stay too long to go forward and find some good shots well, that will be ok too because I'll be a better person for having spent the time there. Having a good sittin' spot is essential. So go out and find yourself a sittin' spot, open your heart and listen to what it can tell you...

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  1. I have many of these spots, they are used for the same reasons. Thanks, and I will use mine as soon as it gets a little warmer and the snow not so deep.