Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Down Life's Highway...

 I've spoken before about my friend Larry and his on going encouragement. Recently Larry set me up with the publisher of Missouri Life magazine. I should probably explain that better. Larry writes articles for Missouri Life and he mentioned me to the publisher,Greg Wood, who in turn gave Larry permission to give me his email address. After exchanging a couple of emails and checking out my blog Mr. Wood forwarded my name on to the editor, Danita Wood (his wife) who in turn put me on the list of photographers to contact. I'm not sure what the list's official tag is but there were other photographers on it and they did contact me so I'm calling it the contact list for future reference.
 Twice I was asked about possibly having any photos of certain areas and twice I did not. Therefore I did what any aspiring photographer would do and I went out and traveled the highways and byways and got shots of the requested sights.This, my friends has paid off! The upcoming April issue will feature photos from yours truly! This is awesome to say the least. I can only hope that this is just the beginning- for Missouri Life magazine and whatever else the good Lord brings my way. By the way this roadside sign just caught my eye and I had to stop and look at it for awhile. I mean the message is clear but I just really like it's setting. Out in the middle of nowhere it's just a quiet reminder for those who care to take the time and read it as they're speeding off down life's highway...

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  1. Congrats. that is awesome news.. I hope you will post the feature photos. I love your work.. its Just beautiful.