Wednesday, August 11, 2010

League Champions!!

Back last spring, knowing that school would soon be out and Brendon would have the whole summer to "get bored " Brenda and I began to try and figure out what he could do to pass time and keep busy. His best friend would be gone for the summer (at least most of it) and his options being the only child left at home didn't exactly excite him. There would be the occasional swim day and other odds and ends of things to do but no real plan for the summer.
For the last two or three years I've tried to talk him into joining the ball team that some of his other school friends play on but never got too far.I've always known that Brendon could play baseball because of the time he and I put into pitching, hitting and just playing catch. So this year was his year! I guess he was a little nervous being it was his first attempt at organized ball but he took to it like a fly to honey.
I have to be careful here or I'll go into details about the time he stole that extra base and barely avoided the tag. Or how he grinned from ear to ear when he got his first hit. Or how his good eye ( that's always what everyone yells-good eye!) got him walked more than any other batter.
But to make a long story not quite as long, his team, the Bulldogs, went 11-0 and won the league championship in a very close 1-0 championship game!
I'm a very proud dad to say the least!

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