Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Sort of Understanding...

I was digging around my pictures tonight for a little project I'm doing and I came across this. I believe that it's an Angelwing Begonia but I'm not in the mood to research it tonight. That's not important anyway. It was the photo itself that caught my eye. To be more specific the depth of the photo. I may not be using the correct terminology but that's what I'm calling it-depth.
This was taken several years ago with my Nikon FG 35mm film camera. I swore, as I'm sure many of us have, to continue to use the film camera once I got my digital but it seems that that has been an empty promise to myself. I miss the qualities of the film camera but honestly, I've been able to teach myself what I've learned so far by the trial and error method ease of the digital. I've amassed over 16,000 pictures in the last couple of years and and I just could not afford that in film. Much less the hassle of all of the over/under exposed pictures.
This photo grabs me and makes me look at it every time I pass it in it's folder and I'm always happy to stop and study it's subtle differences from the digital photos I now spend so much time on.
I think though, that I'll get out some of that film that's just sitting in the camera bag and grab the Nikon and see if I can transfer some of what I think I now know about photography and maybe, just maybe I'll fall in love with the film camera again and see if there can't be some sort of understanding between the three of us where we can all get along together.

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