Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sabatia Angularis

Otherwise known as Rosepink. I don't really think that that name needs any explanation. I mean, just look at it. You know, I've been asked more than once how I manage to get the pictures that I do (and yes, I do take that question as a compliment!). Really to me it seems easy.When I'm walking through the woods I don't necessarily look for subjects - I let them look for me. And when they do find me some will let me know by the slightest of movement that might catch a ray of sunlight. Some subjects may embrace a wind that momentarily bends and molds it into something that it might not ever be again. And some subjects like this Rosepink make it very easy just by being there. A flash of color! All of these things catch my eye and make me look at them.
So the next time you're in the woods just let the woods speak to you. It will introduce itself to you and when it does , you'll definitely be glad you met...

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