Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not Just Yet...

Wow! I'm telling you, Brendon rarely slows down. Actually he's bouncing off of the walls most of the time usually while quoting some obscure line from a TV show. Until recently, I thought that it was just him but the more I get to know his friends and more importantly, his friends' parents the more I see that it's just a growing thing and I'm now sure that all sixth grade boys are as nutty as a pecan pie!
He's a good boy though. He rarely gets anything less than a B grade in his school work( and that includes his advanced courses he's taking this year), he's doing great in football (that's another story for later) and when we do get his attention long enough for a conversation he says things that make us stop and wonder if there were a few years we might have missed.
My favorite time with him though, is bedtime. I always try to go in and set on his bed with him where we talk about anything from our favorite sports teams to what was on MSN's homepage for the day to that girl that gave him the silly band that's shaped like the word ROCK. (he hasn't given me much info on that subject yet...) He drives us nuts most of the time these days and as I'm sure any of you that are parents could attest to it seems like it will never end. But the truth of the matter is we know that when it does end so will this age and I'm not quite sure that either one of us is ready to let that go just yet...

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