Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time to Start a New Chapter...

 Well today I attended the auction at my former place of employment. Everything went-some stuff at way more than I thought it would and some for pennies. I was there for twelve years but I guess that's really nothing compared to the 18, 24 and 27 years that my friends worked there. I thought that I would retire there -after all, building limousines is a pretty neat job. At least it's no longer a shock. We've known since April, I believe. We've had all summer to digest it and now it's come to fruition.
 During these past few months I've relived a lot of the good times and the bad too. I seems though, that at a time like this the good times are what you lean on to pass the day. Some how it makes you feel more like you've been a part of the history of the company.
 At one point this morning I decided that I'd bid on some shelving that had been part of my personal work space for the last twelve years. Not just a rack or two but my racks! The place where I had written down figures from a measurement  that was integral to the building of some specific model. The place where I had hot glued my yellow velour sun (with sunglasses) cut from the material that a yellow painted car with gold tint destined for Holland was completely upholstered in. Yes-completely! The place where once a year at Christmastime I attached my Santa (actually it was the sun dressed as Santa) and his reindeer Rudolph (with walnut carved antlers). The very same racks that held my son's yearly Mighty Mites picture from first grade till now until I got too worried that it would get torn and put it on the lid of my tool box.The shelves that I hot glued my KC Chiefs arrowhead to. The arrowhead that was made of vinyl and had once been taped to the back of an Oakland Raiders fan's jacket just to cover his logo. It actually pulled part of that Raider logo off when he pulled the arrowhead off of his jacket. That didn't set too well at all!
 But you know, I got to thinking about it and the more I thought about it the more I decided that it was best just to let it go. I guess it's time to start a new chapter... or maybe even a whole new book!

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